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Services: Psychic, Tarot card & Palm Readings.

Also Chakra Evaulations and Therapy.

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Palm Readings


I am offering palm readings with the added benefit of my intuitive gift & ability. This gives you a total outlook for all things to come in regards to any aspect of your life be it love, career, relationships, or finances. what do your palm lines reveal? call to schedule your palm reading appointment today. same day appointments are available.

Psychic Readings


i utilize  my gift of ESP to connect with situations, events and people in your life, and can give you the insight that you need to navigate through your journey of life. 

All readings are detailed, accurate and specific. I can answer questions that you may have in regards to your  past, present and future

I specialize in love & relationships.

Tarot Card Readings


I would love the opporutnity to share with you my mastery of the tarot.

I have several unique tarot card spreads that can be customized to your specific situation.

The tarot is a tool that i use to give insight and guidance in order to help people have a better understanding of upcoming events and opportunities and to help set you on the most positive path.

Phone Services

Tarot Card Readings by phone

Phone Tarot card readings

I also offer over the phone tarot card readings. See PHONE READING pricing list below.

Psychic Readings by phone

psychic phone reading

I also offer psychic readings by phone.

see PHONE READING pricing list below.

Price List

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Psychic Relationship Expert

Do you have questions about your life's path?

Does he/she love me?

Is my partner faithful?

Will the one from my past return?

Am i in the right relationship?

Get the answers to these questions.

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Located at the summerhill executive suites.

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I am also available for your halloween events and parties at a rate of $250.00 per hour 

Psychic Harmony

7465 lake mead blvd las vegas, nv 89128

(702) 827-2701